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8 Essential Elements That A New Wordpress Website Needs

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When you going to create your first website, should be exciting, fun, and you should feel confident when throwing yourself that launch party inside your office with your fuzzy slippers and champagne.

The better option is to hire a Wordpress developer. Or if you don’t have the budget to hire a designer, or don’t have the time to sit and try and “figure it all out” by piecing together little bits of the puzzle, then keep reading because this list of 8 essential website elements is going to make your life so much easier!

1. Security: SSL Certificate

Always secure your website by purchasing an SSL certificate through your web host provider – especially, when you have any type of e-commerce on your site.

You can also install the “Really Simple SSL” plug in to secure your WordPress website.

2. Privacy Policy & Terms

Most of people take overlooked, but it’s the law to have a privacy policy on your site, so don’t take it lightly and never skip over this! Always put the link in the footer of your site.

3. Tracking: Google Analytics and/or the FB Pixel

Setup analytics account so that you can track your website traffic. Inside of Google analytics you can also set up & monitor goals, if you have any type of sales funnel in place. If you plan on ever running FB or Instagram ads, then never forget to install the pixel.

4. SEO: Yoast SEO plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin is really essential for your Wordpress website SEO. It makes really easy to add meta data to your pages and blog posts making it super easy for Google to index your site (so you can show up in search more!)

5. Backups: Updraft Plus plugin

Always prepare for calamity. Your website might get hacked or get crashed etc. You never know when something crazy might happen and your website go bananas, so make sure you have regular backups scheduled. I suggest you the plugin Updraft plus.

6. Security: Wordfence plugin

Keep those pesky spam bots and hackers away from your Wordpress website with a really strong firewall. Here I suggest you the Wordfence plugin, and it sends me weekly reports of all activity on my website.

7. Site Speed: W3 Total Cache plugin

Using a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache will keep your site running at top speed. Check your site speed, here.

8. Page Builder: Elementor plug in

Lastly, if you’re designing your website from the ground up or creating any type of landing pages on your site this drag-and-drop plugin in a LIFESAVER! I’ve tried them all (Thrive Architect, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc) and Elementor is the best option for that.

We hope this blog helped you learn some new useful and essential elements for function of your WordPress website. If you’re serious about WordPress, you should also take time to go through some kind of WordPress tutorial.

If you want to take it to the next level or need any professionals help, you can contact San Francisco Wordpress website design company, who have years of experience in domain of Wordpress web design and development.

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